What is Digital Marketing for B2B? 

Digital marketing in the B2B world is fraught with many challenges that we don’t encounter in end-customer marketing (B2C). In order to provide a professional and effective response, it is important for your digital agency to know your company’s specific inherent niche values in order to develop a clear plan of action. 

Marketing with results

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Choosing the Right B2B Marketing Solutions

Refining the customer target bank is a lengthy and ongoing process for B2B in parallel with market research and requires increased visibility in front of the relevant target audiences on multiple channels like LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. That’s where our team of experts comes into the picture, combining our experience and analytical tools to build and attract the right target audiences online. 

Booya Digital specializes in B2B marketing for import and export companies, startups (high-tech), traditional and semi-traditional industries and organizations operating across global markets, and more. Our mission is to deliver an end-to-end digital solution for B2B segments and industries, with an effective funnel and marketing aspects from "B2B2C". 

Thanks to over 10 years of experience and continuous work with leading brands and companies, we have developed a number of unique models for smart digital marketing in the B2B industries. Our strategies are based on complex market insights and with high attention to the traditionally longer sales cycles that B2B is usually characterized by in digital marketing. Unlike B2C marketing, working with companies operating in the B2B industries will require more time to build a quality connection.

The Benefits of B2B Digital Marketing

Defining an exact target audience is a challenge in itself and requires strategic creativity in marketing. Contrary to popular belief, B2B industries can indeed achieve impressive results from digital marketing. 

First of all, digital marketing allows you to break through complex and dynamic barriers and reach entirely new, global markets. It’s easier than ever to connect with decision makers at companies without ever having been exposed to the company's products. Secondly, existing customers also expect to have an ongoing dialogue with brands. Creating an engaging dialog can be done on social media platforms and mailing lists, in remarketing and email campaigns, content distribution and more. 

Digital marketing is a significant tool for strengthening existing markets and penetrating new ones while increasing brand exposure and awareness.  Whether recruiting new distributors/resellers or simply to increase awareness, direct your marketing efforts towards your brand’s products and services for the target audience to support and attract new and existing reseller partners. Digital marketing can even be used to fulfill other specific functions such as launching new products or services, raising funds and capital or finding investors, preparing for conferences and exhibitions, and the like.

מה הלקוחות שלנו אומרים

" Booya digital became Keter, at least in the commitment and efforts the whole team put in making our new brand live and kicking.
Along the way, from the ideation phase of our new brand, along the development of the identity and assets, Booya team was there to guide us and help us be more accurate and effective."

Netzah Sadeh
Director of Product Management - Keter (FOM)

" BooyaDigital helped boost ZIM's digital marketing efforts, activities and online presence with their long-term B2B strategy. We recommend working with Booya Digital to gain added value and more quality business relations that stimulate organic growth."

Yifat Ginzberg
Head of Corporate Communication & Global Marketing - ZIM

" Our experience with Booya digital was that of working with professionals, both as a team and individuals. They were all very customer-oriented and highly responsive. I highly recommend Booya as good partners in a joint campaign to promote the company."

Shlomit Shalgo-Eger
Marketing Communication Manager - PTL GROUP

" בזכות העבודה עם בויה, התחלנו לייצר הרבה יותר תוכן בעל ערך שתרם למיצוב האתר שלנו והבאת טראפיק אורגני איכותי על ביטויים תחרותיים בורטיקל שלנו.
בזכות ניהול לקוח מקצועי וקרוב, הטראפיק גם תורגם ללידים שתמכו במטרות העסקיות שלנו."

Igor Goldfeld - Rivulis, Micro Irrigation
Head of Global Digital Marketing